The Club

The very idyllic Miri Golf Club is set among the rustic surroundings of a Malay Kampung (Village) on top of a picturesque sand bar between the Miri River and the South China Sea. Though only a stone’s throw away from the bustling city centre of Miri, separation by the Miri River offers a worry free hideaway and the hustle and bustle of the city is hardly noticed. The 18-hole course itself is built on flat land bordering beautiful white sandy beaches washed by the gentle waves. To make up for the seemingly flat and “easy” terrain, the early pioneers successfully added vigor and colour to the course by using strategic placements of water hazards and bunkers. Shaded by tall and ancient casuarinas trees, Kelab Golf Miri indeed has a unique beauty.


Discovery of oil in 1905 brought wealth, prosperity and tremendous growth to the then small fishing village of Miri. Today, Miri has evolved into a bustling metropolis. To cater for the recreation of the expatriates flowing in from the Netherlands and England, Miri Golf Club was established as early as 1910. The first 6 holes of the existing course were constructed in 1924 by Sarawak Oilfield Limited, the forerunner of Sarawak Shell. Club Management, Staff and Members can feel justly proud, that from such modest beginnings, Kelab Golf Miri has become a harmonious multi racial club, with a membership of well over 1,000 members. From Miri Airport, it is only a 25-minute car ride to Miri Golf Club and from Miri City Centre, 15 minutes.

1. 18 hole golf course. The signature hole (No. 12) presents a birdie chance at only 150 yards (120 yards for ladies). However, with water literally stretching to the threshold of a very small green, it is not uncommon to see even single handicappers posting scores of double bogey or worse;
2. Driving Range with resident teaching golf pro;
3. Pro shop where a wide range of golf equipment and accessories are available;
4. Function Hall that can seat 300 at dinner or 600 at conference;
5. Golfers’ terrace where refreshment is served while you relax after a round of golf;
6. 25 metre swimming pool for a refreshing dip after your round,
7. KTV room with the latest Karaoke equipment available on booking for private functions,

In And Around Miri

Miri, being the Northern Gateway of Sarawak, is strategically situated to pose as the appropriate stop-over point to many top tourist attractions;

  1. Mulu National Park – Enjoy the 8th Wonder of the Natural World which has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO;
  2. Lambir National Park – where you can enjoy treks among the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. A Canopy bridge set among the tree tops allow enjoyment of the rich fauna and flora;
  3. Niah National Park – where excavation had revealed stone age tools and weapons dating back 400,000 years;
  4. Similajau National Park – where you enjoy white sandy beaches and mangrove swamps at their best
  5. Off shore coral reefs – Described by top divers as some of the best diving grounds in the world. Michael Aw, publisher of Scuba Diver Australasian magazine, has these to say, “Facilitated by a preliminary survey on reefs off Miri 13-18 June 2002, I am happy to report that the reefs are among the most pristine in the Indo-Pacific. Though seemingly weak in pelagic biomass, the diversity of reef fishes, invertebrates, coral meadow, sea fans , sea whips and soft corals are compatible to those of the Maldives and PNG rated to be the most prolific in the world;”
  6. Loagan Benut National Park – on the shore of Sarawak’s largest natural lake where the traditional method of Selambau fishing is still being practiced;
  7. In Miri itself,
  • Grand old Lady the first ever oil-well in Malaysia now been converted into a museum for the oil and gas industry;
  • Miri Heritage Centre – where traditional handicrafts can be had at bargain prices.
  • Tamu where you can shop for exotic local fruits and vegetables;
  • Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo;
  • City Fan Garden;
  • IT library;
  • Miri Public Park;
  • Civic Centre, in the shape of an off shore oil rig;

With all the above tourist attractions, it is no wonder Miri is now destined to be a Resort City by the year 2005. Visitors can easily fly into Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu via Malaysia Airlines with connecting flights to Miri. Accommodation is available by several international hotels (4-5 stars rating). Or you might like to enquire about the condominium stay just beside the golf club


All in all, Miri has much to offer the visitor irrespective of whether you play golf or not. Come one come all, you are always welcome any time and in the Malaysian National Language “Selamat Datang.”

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