Result of the October Monthly Medal A/B/C – 15/10/2017

Section A (0-12) Section B (13-20) Section C (21-36)
Men Nett Event
Winner Billy Chin 69 Dana Empading 70 Radzi Saad 71
Runner Up Jonathan Chia 74 ocb Dtk George Ling 74 ocb Roslan Sebli 73
3rd Tan Choon Peng 74 Winston Rabong 74 ocb Ngadan Lamoh 75
Gross Event Timothy Tang 79 Jolly Tagong 88 Edward Bul 98
Ladies Nett Event
Section A (0-18) Section B (19-28) Section (29-40)
Winner Marilyn Raja 76 Fiona Liung Padan 72 Shirley Gregory 74
Runner Up NIL Amelia Harry 85 Chooi Li Yoke 75
Junior Section
Gross Winner:   Aida Amirah (91)
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