Result of the October Ballsweep – 28/10/2017

Section A (M0-12), (L0-18) Section B (M13-20), (L19-28) Section C (M21-36), (L29-40)
Nett Event
Winner Joseph Radu 68 Jacky Jong 69 Sunil Jayasinham 63
Runner Up James R Jok 73 ocb Tommy R Jok 70 Wan Taha 70
3rd Ronny Ling 73 ocb Ling Chu Leong 71 Radzi Saad 71 ocb
Gross Event
Gross Event Lee Kah Ching 79 Jolly Tagong 85 Dr Charles Jolly 94
Gross Winner: Cayden Kong   92
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