Result of the June Monthly Medal A/B/C – 10/6/2017

Section A (0-12) Section B (13-20) Section C (21-36)
Men Nett Event
Winner Asa Laba 65 Daniel Sagoh 67 Wikkram 64
Runner Up Kunjin Sandhu 70 Bunyak Lunyong 70 Anthony Phan 65
3rd Peter Gon 72 Jinikol Gusting 71 ocb Lakai Linuh 69
Gross Event Capt Fong Chan Kwee 80 Matucci Abun 86 Bangga Tingum 91
Ladies Nett Event
Section A (0-18) Section B (19-28) Section (29-40)
Winner Theresa Wong 75 Amelia Harry 69 ocb Tzarina Abun 74
Runner Up NIL Jellin Law 69 Rinai Radu 76
3rd NIL Helen Lai 71 NIL
Junior Section
Gross Winner:   Malcolm Ting   79
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