Result of the July Junior Golf (Sponsor: Tang Swee Hwa) – 19/7/2015

Section A (16-18) Section B (13-15) Section C (10-12) Section D (9 & below)
Winner Liew Yih Seng 73 Shangara Sivabalu 85 Sharifah 89 Abel Maran Bennet 108
Runner Up Ridge Tang 81 Voon Yii Kiet 92 Kho Zia Wei 97 Kyra Kho Jia Xin 123
3rd Shaun Menon Ayu 83 Sabestence Rimong 93 ocb Houng Shen Yuan 101 Isabelle Ling Xin En 126
4th Malcolm Ting 84 Ethan Ling 93 Cayden Kong 102 Dexter Voon Jia Bao 143
Parent Section
Winner:   Kumaraesan   75
Runner Up:   Pitchay Rajaretnam   76
3rd:   Tang Swee Hwa   77
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