Result of the April Junior Golf 24/4/2011 (Sponsor: Captain Sivabalu)

The April Junior Golf was sponsored by Capt Sivabalu.  This is the fourth junior monthly golf of the year and it was a gross event held on 24th April, 2011.  34 juniors took part; 19 boys and 15 girls.

Section A (Age 15 and above) [7 players]

Winner:   Kumaraesan   80

Runner Up:   Aaron Chia Kah Kian   108

3rd:   Janice Mae   113

Section B (Age 12 – 14) [12 players]

Winner:   Kimberly Nelson   94

Runner Up:   Fabian Malroney   96

3rd:   Ryan Dawil   97

4th:   Kazwan Kalana   101

5th:   Diane Harold   112




Section C (Age 10 – 11) [10 players]

Winner:   Nicholas Chong   93

Runner Up:   Lim Beng Keat   96

3rd:   Alethea   99

4th:   Liew Yih Seng   101

5th:   Shaun Menon   118




Section D (Age 9 and below) [5 players]

Winner:   Malcolm Ting   95

Runner Up:   Ryan Chee   99

3rd:   Eliza Mae Kho   100






Overall Nett Event

Winner:  Gabriel Ngau   78

Runner Up:   Sarah Jane Kho   80 ocb

3rd:   Priscilla Huong   80

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