Result of the 22nd YB Dato’ Sri Peter & 17th Datin Sri Ruby Chin’s Golf Challenge Trophies 2011

The 22nd YB Dato’ Sri Peter and 17th Datin Sri Ruby Chin Golf Challenge Trophies was held recently over two days on 23rd and 24th July, 2011.  This is an 18 hole event. 

There was a total of 200 players taking part in the Competition.  They were made up of 110 men players, 17 ladies players, 10 junior players and 63 invited guests.

Attractive goodies of an umbrella, t-shirt and a tube of golf ball were given to every participant.  Besides this, there were many attractive golf prizes offered to winners and lucky winners of the event during the prize presentation lunch held at 1st Floor, Function Hall, KGM on 24th July, 2011. The Hole-In-One prize of a Proton Saga was sponsored by Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Datuk Jimmy Lau at all Par 3, but unfortunately, no one won the prize. The Committee also took the opportunity  to celebrate the patron, YB Dato’s Sri Peter Chin’s birthday.

Men Nett Event

Winner:   Joseph Madang Balan   66

Runner Up:   Wilson Jong   67

3rd:   Hussin mohamed   68

4th:   Pang Kin Siong   69ocb

5th:   Pui Nam Thoo   69

6th:   Kuan Shang Mi   70

7th:   Foo Yu Hwa   70

8th:   James Leong   71

9th:   Freddy Chin   71

10th:   Tie Siong Hui   72ocb

Men Gross Event

Winner:   Kunjin Sandhu   80

Runner Up:   Thomas Tang   81

3rd:   David Kong   83

4th:   Diewo Anyie   85

5th:   Capt Fong C K   86

Ladies Nett Section

Winner:   Chooi Li Yoke   67

Runner Up:   Saptuyah Ibrahim   72

3rd:   Candy Sim   73

4th:   Liew Shiew Ling   73

5th:   Helen Lee   75

Invited Guest Nett Event

Winner:   Chai Min Kian   71

Runner Up:   Wong Teck Chew   72

3rd:   Lee Teck Sin   72

4th:   Dr. Charles Jolly   72

5th:   Adam Yii   73

6th:   Winni Saba   73

7th:   Patricia Lipang   73

8th:   Elizabeth Su   74

9th:   Chieng Yew Kiong   75

10th:   Ismady Ibrahim   76ocb

Invited Guest Gross Section

Winner:   Ronny Ling   84

Runner Up:   Lee Kah Ching   87

3rd:   IvanPui   91

4th:   Chong Ken Khee   92

5th:   Sim Kheng Kwang   92

Junior Gross Section

Winner:   Malcolm Adam Tay   78

Runner Up:   Jordan Jude tay   84

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