Result of the 23rd YB Dato’ Sri Peter & 18th Datin Sri Ruby Chin Golf Challenge Trophies – 25th & 26th August, 2012

The 23rd YB Dato’ Sri Peter & 18th Datin Sri Ruby Chin Golf Challenge Trophies is an 18-hole event though it is played over two days, 25th and 26th August. The competition attracted 215 participants with many outstation golfers taking part. The prize presentation lunch was held on 26th August, 2012 immediately after the completion of the competition. The Management Committee took this opportunity to celebrate the birthday of YB Dato’ Sri Peter. The ceremony ended with many lucky draws being given out. The last two grand lucky draws being a Nike VR Driver and New Kasco Power Tornado Driver were sponsored by L T Sports Equipment.

Men Nett
Winner: Nawan Bala 66 ocb
RUnner Up: James Wong 66
3rd: Terence Landong 68 ocb
4th: Jacky Jong 68 ocb
5th: Mudin Epui 68
6th: Ting Hung 69 ocb
7th: Lai Maw 69
8th: Wilfred Barat 70 ocb
9th: Liew Yu Shan 70 ocb
10th: Peter Tham 70

Men Gross
Winner: Calvin Kong 78
Runner Up: Kunjin Sandhu 79
3d: Pang Kin Pin 81
4th: Andrew Colin 82 ocb
5th: Tang Yien Seng 82

Ladies Nett

Winner: Capt Patricia Yong Lee 66
Runner Up: Angelina Rinta Benjamin 67
3rd: Candy Sim 72
4th: Chooi Li Yoke 73
5th: Rusnah Abd Rahman 75 ocb

Invited Guest Nett
Winner: Nelson Kedit 68
Runner Up: Cr. Dr. Philip Raja 70
3rd: Othman Bin Marahaban 71 ocb
4th: Peter Sawal 71 ocb
5th: John Phang 71
6th: Dato Alexander Maiyor 72 ocb
7th: Ridi Baok 72 ocb
8th: Chris Ling 72
9th: Hasimah Semuli 73 ocb
10th: Joseph Madang Balan 73

Invited Guest Gross

Winner: Lee Kah Ching 76
Runner Up: Agan Maran 83
3rd: Hj Alias Mail 86 ocb
4th: P M Koh 86
5th: Wee Beng Hui 87

Junior Gross
Winner: Abdul Azim Junaidi 84
Runner Up: Ryan Dawil 86

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