Course Schedule for Normal Play on 3rd, 9th and 10th April, 2011(In conjunction with the Matchplay Club Championship 2011)

Sunday, 3rd April, 2011 – 1st Round (Afternoon Tee-off)

Saturday, 9th April, 2011 – 2nd Round (Morning Tee-off)  3rd Round (Afternoon Tee-off)

Sunday, 10th April, 2011 – Semi-final Round (Morning Tee-off)  Final Round (Afternoon Tee-off)

To facilitate the Matchplay Club Championship 2011, the golf course will be partly closed.  There will be a few slots available FOR NORMAL PLAY during the closure of the golf course, which is as follows:-

Date Front Nine Back Nine
3rd April 2011 7.00 am till 8.31 am 7.00 am till 8.31 am12.00 noon till 12.14 pm
9th April 2011 1.52 pm till 1.59 pm 7.00 am till 7.21 am12.00 noon till 12.28 pm
10th April, 2011 8.31 am ONLY1.45 pm till 1.59 pm 7.00 am till 7.28 am12.00 noon till 12.28 pm
Online Reservation for Normal Play will be open for booking from Wednesday, 6th April, 2011 onwards
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